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Client: Seth Stein Architects
Chy en Garth design for new house - credit C Small

Landscape Design in a Sensitive Waterfront Location

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The sensitive location of this site for a replacement dwelling at Restronguet Creek, opposite the historic Pandora Inn was a key factor in the approach to the landscape design. CEC provided a range of services across landscape and ecology, taking the project from concept design through to a successful planning application.


CEC’s input was phased to enable the design to respond to landscape and visual constraints from the outset and for each iteration to be reviewed and solutions worked up collaboratively with the project architects, Seth Stein Architects.

Services provided for this project included Initial Landscape and Visual Appraisal, pre-application advice, Bat Surveys and design advice, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Landscape Strategy and Design and a Landscape Response to Planning.

The initial Landscape and Visual Appraisal concluded that the actual area within which any effects were likely to be experienced by the replacement dwelling was limited to Restronguet Creek.  Retention of the existing trees on the site was therefore a priority, as they are a prominent landscape feature and provide a high degree of screening for sensitive views.

Planning permission granted

Proposals for the site achieved planning permission by fully addressing its landscape context and minimising any adverse effects on the area’s character and views across the creek to the site.


“We feel CEC’s approach was of great use during the planning process. Where further input was necessary for consultation or responding to comments, their work was always specific, clear to understand and relevant.”

Andrew Abdulezer, Seth Stein Architects
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