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Client: Liskeard Neighbourhood Plan Team, Liskeard Town Council
Above Old Road - credit NDP Liskeard Town Council

Local Landscape Character Assessment

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Liskeard Local Landscape Character Assessment

Start Date: May 2017

End Date: September 2017


CEC were commissioned by Liskeard Neighbourhood Development Plan group to work with them on the preparation of a targeted local landscape character assessment.  The study was needed to support the proposed designation of land to the north of the town which had been identified as of equal merit to the AGLV and worthy of similar designation under a policy within the emerging Neighbourhood Plan which reflected the landscape’s condition and value on a par with the AGLV.

In order to support the proposed policy it was necessary to assess the landscape character of the area and its setting, evaluate its value and compare this with the designated area to identify common features. The appraisal also provided a summary of management recommendations intended to guide any future development proposals within the ALLHV in order to conserve its overall quality and the condition of its key assets


The methodology for the appraisal was based on industry standard guidance, adapted where required to accommodate the needs of the project.  LCA documents identify and explain the unique combination of elements and features that make landscapes distinctive by mapping and describing character types and areas. They also show how the landscape is perceived, experienced and valued by people.  CEC worked closely with the NDP team, providing an objective appraisal of the area and using the team’s local knowledge to enhance this and provide a more detailed overview of its local character and value.

Following initial consultation with the group a desk study was carried out to identify key features in the area followed by extensive fieldwork, recording of views and features and consultation with the local Heritage Officer to enable the study to consider key historic features and character alongside the contemporary picture.  The final report went through a series of iterations to ensure all the information was correctly and usefully presented before being submitted along with the NDP for validation and adoption by Cornwall Council.


The NDP group were able to demonstrate that the proposed area was of equal and in places greater value than designated land to the north, supporting their proposed policy and designation. The study also provided a series of policy and management recommendations deigned to inform review of planning proposals in the area and the long term management of its various assets to preserve and promote their value.


CEC worked cooperatively and efficiently to meet deadlines and responded positively to local knowledge/input provided by the clients (Liskeard NDP open spaces group).

They were professional in their approach with a good understanding and knowledge of what was required, and worked well to the brief, with a tight schedule. They worked independently on the study, but were approachable and available for individual/personal queries and consultation when necessary.

The outcome was a well-framed and detailed document, which effectively addressed the important issues involved, and was formatted in an easily readable manner with graphics and photos used to good effect to illustrate and back up salient points.

James Shrubsole & Steve Vinson, Liskeard Town Council
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