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Client: Kier
A30 widening works

Ecological Support for £33m A30 Construction

CEC were invited to join Kier Infrastructure project team for the construction of the £33 million A30 road widening between Temple and Carblake. This was on the strength of our track record in delivering similar projects, local knowledge and connection with Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Addressing design & build challenges

The project was a ‘Design and Build’, which presented particular challenges in terms of design changes and updates to ecological mitigation. CEC’s experience of working on projects with similar issues (e.g. dormouse licensing and Japanese knotweed), meant that we were able to respond quickly and decisively to design changes and come up with solutions that were achievable within timescales.

Reducing costs

We liaised closely with Kier on methodologies for dealing with Japanese knotweed, ensuring that most of the material could be kept within the site, which reduced costs compared to all material being disposed of off-site. CEC also avoided costly delays by obtaining two badger licences (one for sett closure, the other for disturbance) and carrying out the work within the available timescales.

Strong client communication

CEC maintained strong communication with Kier throughout their 18 month involvement on the project, ensuring that frank and open dialogue was maintained, which helped to ensure that any emerging issues could be dealt with in a timely manner.


“Principal Ecologist Jenny Stuart and her team at CEC proved to be a very proactive and collaborative part of the overall site team, providing great communication and expertise throughout the project.

They were key to the success of the project which was located in some highly ecologically sensitive areas, and provided the assurance to the construction team that work was being managed in an ecologically considerate way, and in full compliance with the regulations.”

Jason Dean,Deputy Project Manager
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