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CEC join Cornish export drive with hush-hush project in US

Truro-based environmental professionals Cornwall Environmental Consultants is celebrating entering the American market. CEC’s team of landscape architects were chosen by a major US company to produce photomontages of wind turbines for a sensitive project in Pennsylvania.

The company was hand-picked on the strength of their previous work in Cornwall and across the southwest, involving the use of advanced computer modelling and CGI techniques to create accurate realistic images of renewable energy and other projects.

The contract is part of the planning proposals for two 148.5m high wind turbines which will help to power a major US government storage and distribution facility – hence the element of secrecy involved.

Principal Landscape Architect Birgit Hontzsch said, “We discussed in detail with our American clients what they required and the quality of the photographs and views we needed from them.  We then modelled the type of turbine they were proposing to erect and used digital height data to produce the images. Our clients were impressed with the speed and efficiency of CEC’s service and were very pleased with the end results.”

CEC has completed many similar projects in the southwest, usually as part of landscape and visual impact assessments for renewable energy projects – it was examples of these on their website which first attracted the attention of the Americans.

CEC Director Phil Hills added, “This is great news for us and for Cornwall, demonstrating the strength of our professional and technological capabilities.  It’s a bit of a hush-hush project due to its nature so we can’t give more details about it, but it underpins the need for Cornwall to stay ahead of the game in the digital economy.”

CEC’s team of landscape architects and ecologists work to enrich the biodiversity of the southwest, covenanting their profits to Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

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