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SuDS – Sustainable Drainage Systems

SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) have come a long way in terms of design and overall biodiversity potential since the concept began to be promoted.  A series of concrete ponds or holding tanks may still be technically acceptable but planners, engineers and the public are increasingly demanding ‘greener’ systems which deliver habitat and amenity value alongside their primary water management role.

SuDS are an approach to managing rainwater falling on roofs and other surfaces through a sequence of actions. The key objectives are to manage the flow rate and volume of surface runoff to reduce the risk of flooding and water pollution. SuDS also reduce pressure on the sewerage network and can improve biodiversity and local amenity.DEFRA National Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems 2011

The design and management of the majority of domestic and commercial SuDS will soon have to be approved by your local authority’s SuDS Approval Body (SAB) who may also set more stringent local criteria in addition to the National Standards.  The standards reflect the need to reduce flood risk from surface water, improve water quality, improve the environment, and also ensure that SuDS systems are robust, safe, and affordable and that requirements are predictable.  The basic principles to be met are:

Manage rainwater and surface run off at source and on the surface;

Well designed SuDs schemes can bring additional benefits to your project by helping to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM credits, contribute to a scheme’s planning success, reduce maintenance costs and increase property values by 10%-20%.

CEC have the knowledge and experience to help deliver innovative and compliant SuDS schemes, which if incorporated at the earliest possible stages of design, can reduce overall cost and project risk.  We have worked on a range of schemes from rural wetland systems for farmers to larger urban systems for major development sites, covering Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the rest of the UK.

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