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Hidderley Park

High quality public realm and environmentally responsible design are at the heart of this scheme accommodating up to 270 residential units and a small number of work shops. The seven urban design objectives defined by CABE for successful places were applied to the design (character, continuity and enclosure, quality of public realm, ease of movement, legibility, adaptability, diversity). Principles of inclusive design and safer places guidance were also considered. The masterplan also features home zones and mews areas, where CEC advised on layout and materials. We produced input to the Design and Access Statement for the scheme including material palettes and design principles for all external areas.

CECs landscape architects and ecologists worked closely with the architects JTP, project managers Savills and other design team members to ensure landscape and ecological issues were addressed appropriately and actively contributed to the masterplanning of the site. Our approach was based on the development of a strong landscape framework that is capable to support the scheme in the long-term as well as responding to ecological and wider landscape issues. This was based on a detailed constraints and opportunities analysis.

Habitat links were created to link the bat roost in the centre of the site to the wider landscape and to provide routes through the development following hedge and tree lines. A green corridor was created along the A30 to screen and buffer the development. Tree planting throughout the development will result in a green appearance over time integrating the development with the edge of town location, enhancing the amenity and value of the site and contributing to a better micro-climate within the developed area.

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Client: Robertson Development Ltd
Date: 2007/2008

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