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Teignbridge District Council commissioned a review and revision of the existing assessment to align it with the current Devon-wide methodology and tie it in with surrounding district assessments. CEC undertook this review for the Council consisting of field survey work, amendments to existing GIS mapping and report revisions including new chapters.

The current Devon-wide approach is based on the Living Landscapes methodology developed by Diacono Associates / White Consultants for the Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and Devon landscape character assessments. It is based on Land Description Units, which are derived objectively using analysis of GIS data (on physiography, ground type, landcover and cultural pattern, referred to as definitive information) and field evaluation (descriptive information). Those units are then combined into Landscape Character Types (LCTs, generic classification, i.e. Estuaries), for which there is a Devon-wide master list. LCTs can then be summarized into Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) to reflect local distinctiveness (geographically discrete areas, i.e. Exe Estuary) and to communicate landscape issues at a broader scale to a public audience.

CEC’s commission involved evaluation of over 80 LDUs in desk study and in the field. The review resulted in splitting of some LDUs and in introduction of an urban LDU category based on the 2001 Settlement GIS layer, with a final number of 125 LDUs (incl. 23 settlement LDUs). New field survey sheets were produced for new LDUs and existing sheets were reviewed for accuracy. Photographs were taken as appropriate. Based on the LDU evaluation, CEC produced LCT and LCA maps using ArcGIS. Those were agreed with the client and steering group including members of Devon County Council and Natural England. Results and amendments were documented and the existing report reviewed and partially rewritten to accord with the new maps. CEC also produced new report chapters for LDUs and LCTs.

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