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Slow worm

Saving slow worms

CEC’s ecology team had a busy day recently when they saved not one, but twenty slow worms and three common lizards in a car park!

CEC had already been working on the design and planning stage for extending the Quarry Car Park at Rock, when we were tasked with carrying out an ecological watching brief on an area of dune which was due to be removed. This type of habitat often contains reptiles which would need to be moved to a place of safety and as it was also located next to a Site of Special Scientific Interest, so it was really important to have an ecologist to oversee the work. Cathy Shaw from CEC explained the situation to the site clearance team at Bridge Civil Engineering Ltd and everyone agreed to progress the work in slow and steady stages.

Before work even started, we created new mini-habitats of twigs and sand for any reptiles found so that they could burrow down and re-enter hibernation.

Cathy said: “I was really impressed with the positive reaction of the construction workers. They all came over to have a better look at the slow worms and lizards I had found. From seeing the results of our work, I think they had a better understanding of the need for an ecologist on site. Ecology is often seen as a hindrance when it comes to construction works, so it was fantastic to see so many people taking an interest in ecology for a change!

Thanks to the great working relationship with Bridge Civil Engineering Ltd, we managed to complete the clearance and save over twenty reptiles.

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