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Traditional Penwith landscape. Photo credit: Cornwall Council Historic Environment Service

CEC supports Penwith’s £3m resilience project

CEC is working with the Penwith Landscape Partnership (PLP), a community based organisation helping to preserve and protect the unique environment and heritage in the Penwith area, near Penzance.

One of the key aims of PLP is to create a resilient living, working Penwith landscape where farming prospers while protecting natural beauty and resources. This includes restoring links between wildlife habitats and enhancing the archaeological heritage. PLP’s aim is that this work will secure a landscape that is loved, enjoyed and supported by local people, communities and visitors.

Training volunteer surveyors

CEC’s work involves the ‘That’s Our Parish’ project which is helping volunteers in each of the eleven parishes to survey the local landscape, heritage and wildlife within their areas. CEC is training volunteers to undertake Local Landscape Character Assessments, starting them off on surveys, supporting them and gathering the results. The volunteers will feedback their local knowledge such as place names, special places and views and historic references to build up an accurate picture of what matters to local people in the area.

PLP volunteers at Zennor
PLP volunteers at Zennor

CEC will then collate and summarise the information to provide a report for each parish as a record for future reference. These reports will give local communities the information needed to help protect the area’s natural beauty and history, whilst also improving access to the landscape. Surveys have already begun in Ludgvan, Zennor, St Just and Towednack parishes.

Facts about Penwith

  • Penwith has the densest concentration of stone-built prehistoric sites in Britain
  • More than 1,250 miles of Cornish hedges supporting 600 species of flowering plants and ferns
  • 5,500 monuments ranging from standing stones to 19th century engine houses
  • 250 Scheduled Ancient Monuments
  • 1,500 listed buildings
  • More than 200 farms and buildings that are of medieval or earlier origin
  • Around 40 square miles of pre-historic field systems which continue to be used for farming today

CEC also covers all aspects of hard and soft landscape design, including detailing and specifications. If you have a project you would like to discuss please call us on 01872 245510 or contact us for further advice.

Main image: Traditional Penwith landscape. Photo credit: Cornwall Council Historic Environment Service

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