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Green&Blue Bat Block

Leading designers Green&Blue create a sustainable new home for bats with CEC

CEC is celebrating the success of a recent collaboration with Cornish design company Green&Blue. The two companies worked together to develop a stylish new bat roost made from sustainable materials. 

Green&Blue, based in Perranporth, has built a great reputation producing innovative and stylish wildlife products from bird feeders to bee houses. The next step was to design a bat box. The company turned to CEC’s senior bat ecologist Steve Marshall to ensure the BatBlock had the right specifications and dimensions, involving more than just Steve’s experience. “The entrance gap on the original was too large and would have allowed birds to gain entry and become trapped”, explained Steve. “I advised on the gap size needed, and they chose to use my thumb width as the default setting.” 

Builder installing the Green&Blue BatBlock
The new Green&Blue BatBlock being installed

“We were delighted to be able to work with Steve on the development of the BatBlock”, said Faye Clifton, Green&Blue. “His expert knowledge and feedback from over 20 years of working with bats meant that we were confident that if the Green&Blue design met Steve’s requirements, it was going to suit the bat species we were designing for. The design process even lead to a new unit of measure, Steve’s thumb!”

Steve also suggested adding an internal angled divider to create a crevice type space as lots of bat species like squeezing into tight areas. The divider created compartments with different conditions for heat and humidity. A warm, sunny maternity roost in the summer months for bats to have their pups, and a cooler hibernation roost in the winter.

Easy installation

The BatBlock can easily be installed in place of a standard breeze block in a building to create either maternity or hibernation roosts for bats.  It is locally made in Cornwall reusing 75% of waste material from the Cornish China Clay industry: making it both durable and sustainable.

If you need a bat survey or advice on a bat roost, please contact our bat team on 01872 245 510 or email

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