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COVID-19: Our plan for business continuity and protecting people

Following recent developments, CEC has implemented a new business response plan outlined below. Our offices are closed until further notice, but we are still open for business and continuing to work with clients and support them as needed.

Assurance for clients  

Maintaining the health and safety of our employees, clients, partners and the wider public is a key concern for us. Although our offices are closed until further notice, we are still open for business and operating as normally as possible. However we have also put essential measures in place to ensure we are following Government guidance on COVID-19.  

Business continuity  

  • We are prepared as a business. We have agreed and implemented a COVID-19 business response plan. This plan is being regularly reviewed by the CEC senior management teams and will be adapted following advice from the Government and Public Health England.  
  • We have policies and arrangements in place for staff to work securely from home. These ensure that data is protected and remains confidential.   
  • All staff can be contacted via their office based telephone numbers, which will automatically reroute to their mobile phones as appropriate. 

Protecting people  

  • We take the responsibility of being an employer seriously. All CEC staff are now working from home. We have measures in place so that staff can access the data and software needed to fulfil their job.  
  • We will avoid non-essential contact, scheduling phone conferences instead of meetings, where possible. All attendance and travel to events, training and conferences or CPDs has either been cancelled or postponed.   

Safety on site  

  • We have adapted our risk assessments to include the Government’s guidance on COVID-19.  
  • Field surveyors will continue to undertake some surveys within the guidelines. During this time, surveyors will avoid contact with other people and take measures to protect themselves.  
  • If PHE guidelines allow for work on site with others present, CEC staff will maintain a distance of at least 2m and avoid physical contact. On entering and leaving site staff will use the welfare facilities to wash their hands. Disposable protective gloves will also be provided for staff to use as appropriate. 
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