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Baby roe deer looking at camera

Camera Trap Catches Cuteness

It’s true to say as a team of ecologists and landscape architects, we find a lot of landscapes and wildlife fascinating. We also find some of it really quite beautiful…and dare we admit it, cute. A sleepy dormouse is right up there with the cute factor in our opinion.

So imagine the ‘awwws’ and the ‘ohhhs’ we recently experienced in the office, when we downloaded these images from a recent camera trap. Twin ‘Bambi’s’! Then to top it off, mum comes in the shot to give one of the babies a reassuring ‘kiss’. It is actually quite common for roe deer to have three babies, but unless one was very camera shy, we’re pretty sure these were twins and not triplets. Oh and in case you were wondering – yes Bambi was originally a roe deer, but this species is not common in America so Disney changed him to a white-tailed deer.


Baby roe deer

Twn baby roe deer


Baby roe deer with mum

The CEC office was all gooey-eyed after this discovery, so we thought we’d share it with you too.

We are so pleased with these new Trail cameras, we just love testing them out as often as we can. We will use them predominantly for badger surveys, to determine if a sett is active or not. This will help us to advise our clients when certain works can be done and to put in the correct mitigation measures for planned developments- thus making it more likely to get through planning, but ultimately ensuring protected species are considered and biodversity is maintained.

If you would like to find out more about how we use Trail cameras, or to get a quote for our services, please click here or call us 01872 245510.

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