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Green Infrastructure credit Building with Nature

Building with Nature

In mid- May, CEC hosted a Building with Nature in Cornwall seminar at the Heartlands in Camborne. Supported by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, CEC invited architects, land owners, property developers and planning officers to attend the event and we were delighted with the level of engagement and interest shown by the delegates.

What exactly is Building with Nature? It’s a new benchmark for the design and maintenance of green infrastructure in housing and commercial development. It has been designed to support the creation of high quality green infrastructure throughout, and beyond, the planning and development process.

Building with Nature provides an assessment and accreditation process. The Building with Nature Standards consist of a set of five core standards, and then there are three key themes – Wellbeing, Water and Wildlife.

CEC embraces this new benchmark with enthusiasm and excitement. Jenny Stuart, CEC’s Principal Ecologist explains;

“To finally have something in place to recognise good quality green infrastructure for the construction sector to strive towards is absolutely fantastic. Working in the environment, we’ve been aware for many years of the need for better designed green infrastructure in all developments – not just for wildlife but for people too. It’s been proven that new communities thrive in housing developments which have incorporated parks, playgrounds, trees, green spaces and even water features such as ponds or rivers, so to have this accreditation scheme in place will benefit everyone.”

Dr Gemma Jerome is the manager of Building with Nature. She delivered a brilliant insight into the scheme at the seminar and will be training CEC staff in the assessment process, thus providing an assessor service based in Cornwall for developers to utilise.

The seminar included a talk from Alex King of Hall Wood Holidays – with the experience of including Green Infrastructure within their development, including the preservation of what is already there, Alex explained how Green Infrastructure has benefitted his development and thus was looked upon favourably by planners and the general public.

Phil Mason, Cornwall Council’s Planning and Sustainable Development Manager also highlighted the need to raise the quality of planning developments in Cornwall and that developers really should be considering Green Infrastructure as a matter of course.

The event was well received and Jenny is very much looking forward to becoming a fully trained assessor.

For more information about Building with Nature please call Jenny Stuart on 01872 245510 or email

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