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Phase 1 habitat survey and ecological appraisal

Ecologist surveying (photo by CEC)

A Phase 1 habitat survey or ecological appraisal is usually the first step in assessing the ecological value of a site for planning application purposes. It comprises of an initial walkover of the development site, mapping habitats and identifying whether there is potential for protected species to occur. A report is produced detailing the ecological value of the site, explaining what this means in terms of policy and legislation, and recommending mitigation/compensation to ensure the project gains planning permission whilst maintaining the ecological interest of the site.

Our reports are produced according to the latest best practice guidance, and include desk study assessments from ERCCIS (or other relevant local biological records centre), to ensure all constraints and opportunities are identified at the earliest stage.

Clear digital maps produced by our GIS technician are included to illustrate ecological features on site and recommendations on how to protect/enhance these features as required by policy and legislation. The main piece of national planning policy relevant to ecology is Planning Policy Statement 9 (PPS9), and the two main relevant pieces of legislation are the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010.

If further surveys are recommended, CEC’s experienced and licensed ecologists can undertake these for you, ranging from dormouse surveys to bryophyte (mosses and liverworts) surveys. CEC ecologists are also experienced in formal Ecological Impact Assessment, if the project is of a sufficient scale to warrant such an assessment.

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