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Ecological Tree Surveys

Trees on development sites usually require a condition survey in accordance with BS5837 (Trees in Relation to Development), which can be undertaken by CEC. This identifies the species, age and condition of individual trees and groups of trees. In addition to this development related tree survey and assessment service, CEC Ecology can also offer surveys related to the ecological or bat value of trees and advice on their incorporation into development or their management.

For example, bats can use trees to roost or hibernate.  Felling trees used by bats would be a criminal offence in line with European Protected Species and UK Wildlife legislation.  More information can be found on the Bat Conservation Trust web site and the publication Bats and Trees in England can be downloaded at the bottom of the Bat Conservation Trust page.

The Arboricultural Association publishes a series of guidance notes, including on bats and protected species in relation to trees.

High ecological value of trees is often associated with older, mature specimen or woodlands and copses or liniear tree features.  Ancient or veteran trees often have a very high ecological value, for more information on ancient trees refer to the Ancient Tree Forum.

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