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Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) may be produced for two purposes, either for sites where protected species surveys have been undertaken in addition to the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, or for sites requiring a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

If a project meets the necessary criteria, for formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), part of this will be dedicated to ecology and the natural environment, and is referred to as an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA).

We have considerable experience producing impact assessment reports according to the latest guidelines from the CIEEM.  We can prepare this type of report using our own in-house templates, or we can adopt templates supplied by the client or lead EIA consultant if required.

The report is essentially a more detailed Phase 1 report, and usually consolidates the results of several surveys such as Phase 1 Habitats, dormouse, reptile and breeding bird surveys. Reports include all the aspects of a Phase 1 report, plus an in-depth analysis of the potential impacts of works upon valued habitats and species. This is used by planners and other consultees to assess whether the project should be given planning permission.

CEC can also provide input to screening and scoping documents, and can also undertake the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for EIA.

Where developments are proposed close to European Sites (e.g. Special Area for Conservation), CEC can help with the Habitat Regulations Assessment process.

If you require any further information please call us on 01872 245510 or contact us to discuss your project and requirements.

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