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Coosebean Greenway: providing homes for wildlife

Ecologists from Cornwall Environmental Consultants Ltd (CEC) have recently been out to the new cycleway scheme at Coosebean, Truro, to put up bat and bird boxes in the surrounding woodlands. The Coosebean Greenway is a 1.3km off-road cycle and pedestrian path connecting Coosebean Lane and St Georges Road in the city centre to Malabar Road and Treliske Lane on the Highertown Corridor, providing pedestrians and cyclists with a safer alternative to using the busy A390. The project cost approximately £930,000 and received funding support from Cornwall Council’s Local Transport Plan, the European Regional Development Fund, Growth Point Funding and the Department for Transport’s Linking Communities Fund.

Throughout the lifetime of a project. When an ecologist is brought in at the early stages, we can flag up habitat and protected species constraints and opportunities, often avoiding costly delays or design changes later down the line’.

CEC undertook surveys to inform the design and planning application, starting with a phase 1 habitat survey, and then moving into bat, badger and dormouse surveys (though no dormice were found). ‘These surveys allowed the design team to ensure that, as far as possible, impacts were avoided, and that suitable mitigation measures were put in place.

CEC’s involvement has ensured that sensitive ecological features such as badger setts have been retained, and the street lighting has been designed to minimise impacts on bats which fly and forage around the cycleway.  The soft landscaping of the scheme includes native shrub and tree planting.  In addition to this, CEC have installed 50 bat and bird boxes within the woodland surrounding the cycleway, to provide opportunities for roosting bats and nesting birds.

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