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Five Acres Site in winter

Planning Ahead for Winter

Most of us would agree we’ve not had the best summer weather….so your minds might already be on autumn and winter and dare we say it, the ‘C’ word (Christmas for those who are still sipping Pina Colada’s on a warm beach somewhere).

So although we hate to admit that the best of summer is over, there’s some planning to do for the quieter winter months ahead.

If your development or project needs an LVIA for example, autumn and winter are actually the ideal time to get this done. This is because it shows the visual impacts of a development in its worst case scenario so to speak – meaning that planners and other interested parties gain the full picture  and are better informed of the proposal.

Ecology surveys to consider in the autumn and winter months are Preliminary Ecological Assessments (PEA)/Phase 1 Habitat surveys, bat and barn owl surveys, bat hibernation surveys, badger surveys, otter surveys, winter bird surveys and also dormice surveys (with the possible exception of Jan & Feb for the latter).

All landscape and arboriculture consultancy work can be undertaken throughout the year, and you might be surprised by how much ecology work can still be undertaken too; so why not take advantage of a quieter time and contact us now to arrange?

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