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Bat Low Impact Class Licence

brown long-eared bat, Cornwall Environmental Consultants, Steve Marshall

Brown long-eared bat – one of the species which will be covered under the new licence
















Natural England have introduced a “Bat Low Impact Class Licence” which is a streamlined licensing process, allowing works on developments which will only have a low impact on a small number of bats; yet still ensure the works are undertaken within the law.

Licenced ecologists who had sufficient experience were invited to apply to become registered with Natural England to obtain this additional Bat Low Impact Class Licence. Out of approximately 170 applicants, Natural England selected 70 who met their strict entry criteria. It was necessary to attend a two day course and pass an exam. Cornwall Environmental Consultant’s are fortunate that two of their bat ecologists met the strict entry requirements, were selected by Natural England and passed the exam.

Cornwall Environmental Consultants can apply for a Bat Low Impact Class Licence on your  behalf – something only a few consultancies in England can offer.

Previously a European Protected Species Licence for even a small number of bats would be a fairly lengthy and costly process. This new streamlined process means less delay for all involved – the ecologist, Natural England but most importantly, the client. It  also means less restrictions as to when you can undertake works on your project – normally you would have to wait until early spring or autumn/winter time – but this new licence means work can be undertaken straight away; as soon as the licence is in place.

What will the Bat Low Impact Class Licence cover?

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