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Bat Activity Surveys

Bat activity surveys, undertaken around dusk or dawn, and can help us to understand how bats use features within the countryside.  To undertake such a survey, a surveyor (or surveyors, depending on the size of the survey area) will walk fixed transects through a survey area, and the transect will be designed to cover all of the features within a site likely to be used by bats – such as hedges, rivers, woodland, etc.  The transect will include a set of survey points, where the surveyor will stop for a pre-determined time to record all bat activity registered at that point.  CEC’s experienced bat team have the resources to cover large sites for activity surveys if required, across Cornwall and Devon.

CEC’s bat team have a variety of bat detectors to use to aid in detecting bats, to identify species and to determine whether they are travelling or feeding.  Our surveyors will also record bat calls picked up during the surveys, which can later be analysed on computer to confirm species identification.

These types of survey are often required to inform development proposals where there may be loss of features such as hedges, or disturbance to good foraging areas such as good grassland or wetland habitats or where there is likely to be external lighting as a part of the development proposals.

We can then use the information obtained from such surveys to advise the design team on avoiding impacts on features that are important for bats, and where impacts cannot be avoided, to work out what mitigation is required to minimise or offset impacts.

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