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Bat Survey, Assessment and Licensing


Whether you are intending to convert a barn or embark on a multi-million pound development scheme, bat surveys are likely to be required prior to submission of a planning application.  Cornwall Environmental Consultants has a team of licensed bat ecologists who can undertake bat surveys for any type of project, large or small, across Cornwall and Devon.

Bat and barn owl (or nesting bird) assessments are required where proposed works require renovation or demolition of existing buildings.  These surveys may lead to further elements of work being required, such as bat emergence surveys and/or remote monitoring to identify species, the number of bats, points of access and the time of year that roosts are used.  If the development will result in disturbance of bats or destruction of a roost, our bat team can apply for the European Protected Species licence or a Bat Low Impact Class Licence that you will need to complete the works lawfully.  Our bat ecologists will take you through the licensing process and can prepare most of the paperwork for you.

For larger developments, you are likely to need a series of bat activity surveys (following BCT good practice guidelines) across the site to identify any areas of importance for travelling or feeding bats, so that appropriate mitigation can be designed.  These usually need to be undertaken over several months of the active season for bats (May to September), and will involve surveyors walking transects at and after dusk (or shortly before dawn) to identify bat use of the site.  These surveys will often form part of a wider ecological assessment.

Planning on erecting a wind turbine on your land?  Natural England, Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust have produced guidance for single wind turbines and bats.  We can advise you on the level of survey effort you need for your proposed turbine, and undertake the work for you. Please click here for more information

If you are looking to develop a larger scale renewables project, then please get in touch and we can discuss the survey effort that is likely to be required for bats and other protected species.

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