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Trees on development sites usually require a condition survey in accordance with BS5837 (Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations), and trees on development sites should be treated and protected in line with recommendations in the British Standard.

The objective should be to achieve a harmonious relationship between trees and structures that can be sustained in the long term. BS 5837:2012 is applicable whether or not planning permission is required.

The following services relate to BS5837 recommendations:

  • Tree surveys and schedules to BS5837
  • Tree Constraints Plans (TCP) to BS5837
  • Arboricultural Implications Assessments (AIA) to BS5837
  • Tree Protection Plans (TPP) to BS5837
  • Arboricultural Method Statements and technical details


The tree survey and schedules will record specific parameters for trees, including species, height, spread, age category, and most importantly the BS5837 category (A, B, C or U) and root protection area requirements.

The Tree Constraints Plan is an illustration of the trees, their spread, canopies, number, category and root protection area, as well as sometimes shading patterns.

The Arboricultural Implications Assessment will evaluate the tree constraints against proposals, and identify conflicts, tree removal requirements and areas that may require method statements or special precautions to allow for retention of a tree.

The Tree Protection Plan shows the tree protection measures required to protect trees to be retained, as well as tree removal requirements.

CEC can assist in discharging tree-related planning conditions, providing method statements, technical details, site inspections of trees and tree protection fencing and assisting you in successful incorporation of tree assets into the final development.

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