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Arboriculture Services

Trees can contribute greatly to the amenity and value of any site enhancing property value and biodiversity potential of developed sites. Therefore using an arboricultural consultant in the early stages of any project is essential.

CEC is a Member of the Arboricultural Association and our arboricultural consultancy services range from British Standard BS5837:2012 tree surveys and assessments, to safety, ecologically focussed and woodland management surveys, as well as assisting in the discharge of tree-related planning conditions with design and method statement input, such as technical details for permeable and no-dig paving.

Our highly experienced consultants can advise on tree protection measures and management requirements to ensure tree stock is preserved for many years to come.
Based on co-operation and innovation, our work ethos is based on working with you and your design team to design feasible and practical solutions to tree-related issues, achieving viable and distinct developments.

Our services include:

  • BS5837 tree surveys and related services
  • Tree condition and safety surveys, including amenity and landscape
  • considerations, and preparation of tree management schedules and plans
  • Forestry and woodland management surveys
  • Ecological tree surveys


CEC’s ecology team can provide input to projects such as checking trees for suitability as and presence of bat roosts, identify the importance of trees in terms of habitat value and advice on veteran trees. Our landscape architects can produce tree planting and mitigation plans, construction details for integration of tree planting in paved areas and technical details for permeable or no-dig paving in tree root protection areas.

Commissioning tree surveys, ecology surveys and landscape design with us as a one stop shop will ensure that results of these three disciplines are coordinated for maximum client benefit.

If you require any further information please call us on 01872 245510 or contact us to discuss your project and requirements.

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Client: Trecombe Lakes

Trecombe Lakes Luxury Holiday Retreats

When the owners of a development of luxury holiday retreats in the Cornish Countryside wanted to expand, they turned to CEC for help.

Building on its success, Trecombe Lakes Luxury Holiday Retreats wanted to expand by creating six new lodges at their successful nine-acre holiday business, nestled around wet woodland and a network of ponds near Falmouth and the beautiful Helford River.

Working closely with the architects and planning consultant, CEC delivered a combined package of ecological, arboricultural, landscape design, Design and Access Statement and LVIA services to successfully support Trecombe’s application.

Jason West, of Trecombe Lakes, said that the role played by CEC was of vital importance.

The project was granted planning permission in April 2017, largely as a result of the application having addressed all sensitive issues in an easy to understand manner which was also well presented to the decision makers.

The CEC team ensured that close cooperation between the ecologist, tree surveyor, landscape architect and architect resulted in a highly integrated, sensitively designed scheme that did not affect the habitat and biodiversity value of the site, while greatly improving the holiday offering at Trecombe Lakes.

The proposed development sought to reduce the environmental impact during construction and operation, in line with the company philosophy and the natural setting of the site. CEC was able to assess this impact and monitor it effectively.


“CEC guided us through the various reports and this really helped clarify the shape of the development plans. Without this input we would have put in too big an application and, most likely, would not have succeeded.”

“CEC were very efficient, very professional and did a very good job. They were forthright and told you how it was; I prefer to work in this manner.

“The input of CEC was most important and their knowledge of the planning process was paramount. They knew all the issues so that we could make the most of the planning application, and obtain the most number of units in a balanced way.”

“We would definitely use CEC again and are already planning to use their services again shortly.”

Jason West - Trecombe Lakes
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